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10 best AMP Blogger Templates SEO Friendly and Responsive AMP Themes 2020

10 best AMP Blogger Templates SEO Friendly and Responsive AMP Themes 2020
10 best AMP Blogger Templates SEO Friendly and Responsive AMP Themes 2020



AMP Blogger Template – Suppose you have an amazing SEO friendly blog with an AdSense friendly theme in which you write SEO friendly articles and engaging articles.

But what if your site loads very slowly (about 08-12 seconds) when someone opens it?

There is a 99% chance that he will press the back button and visit another blog, right?

You will lose the opportunity to increase blog traffic and earn money.

To get rid of this situation, you need to make sure that the site loads very quickly when someone opens it.

As you increase your site’s speed, you can use useful plugins if you have a site in WordPress.

But if your site is on Blogger, the best way to increase your site’s speed is to use the best AMP Blogger template on your site

Most bloggers know the term AMP, but they don’t know what it is.

Still searching on google, what are accelerated Google mobile pages?

Are you also wondering what the AMP Blogger template is and how to use it?

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are a type of frames or a new Google project that allow your blog to load faster on mobile devices.

These AMP templates help you increase your site traffic.

It also helps website owners offer their users the best possible mobile experience.

If your site has an AMP Blogger template, your site will also load fast even at low internet speeds.

Your visitors will not have to wait for the pages to load.

A blog that has an AMP Blogger template looks like the image above in search results on mobile devices.

AMP icon
amp icon

If you notice that you will see that there is an electricity signal before the permanent link of the blog.

It shows that this site is using the AMP template and will load quickly.

A site that is using Amp will get more benefits than the NO AMP site.

The 10 best free templates of AMP Blogger 2019 SEO Friendly

Here I provided a list of the best free AMP Blogger templates of 2019 that will increase the ranking and visitors of your blog.

1. Infinite AMP Blogger Template is a template designed by Arlina Design.

This topic is SEO Friendly and is also optimized for search engines.

Infinite Accelerated Mobile Pages is a free template and ranks first in the AMP template list.

This is considered one of the best amplifier themes and gives you some excellent features, such as:

To download or watch the live demo Click the button below

It is a two column design and is also suitable for personal websites.

It has a modern look and covers features such as

To watch the live demo or download click on the buttons below

Its outstanding appearance makes it different from other websites.

It is fully optimized for search engines and can help you increase the speed of your site.

The main advantage of this template is the optimization in the meta section to make it more SEO friendly.

In addition, the flat user interface color design becomes more attractive, and there are several additional features and designs.

And, of course, very different from Infinite AMP works ideally.

2. TheAMP is a AMP blogger Template

that looks clean, elegant and personal.

It is a very fast load, ready for Adsense, highly optimized for SEO and a rich AMP blogger template.

It covers features such as the Disqus comment system, social buttons and widgets of popular publications, etc.

3. Infinite JLB AMP blogger Template :-

 Anant JLB is developed by Anant AMP. This is the template that helps in SEO optimization. Its meta section leads you to make the site more SEO-friendly. In addition, the cool UI color design becomes more enjoyable. It includes features like dynamic heading, top banner ads, subscribers and social share etc.

4. Vletters AMP blogger Template

 Vletters is developed by Bung Frangki. This is a very simple but mobile friendly website design. All it takes is a few seconds to load and run smoothly. It includes features like menu navigation, breadcrumbs, shortcodes and search boxes and more.

5. Maknyus AMP blogger Template

 Maknyus AMP Blogger Template has been developed by Raden Gino. This template has simple two column design, quick and responsive, organized layout, bright colors. It includes features like fast loading, browser compatibility, social sharing and SEO friendly web design.

6. Blanterde AMP blogger Template

 Blanterde AMP Blogger template is created by ID Blanter. It is a two-column design and is suitable for personal websites. Looks fashionable and fully responsive template. It includes features like ultra-fast loading, AMP search box, navigation menu, discus comments, mobile sidebar, top navigation bar, bright color, AMP-based buttons / iframes / sliders, etc.

7. Siniladom AMP blogger Template

 A Sinaldome AMP blogger template has been created by Ikhwan Zubir. This SEO-friendly blogger template comes with two columns with a right-hand sidebar and a 4-foot column and is easy to customize. It includes vertical drop down menu, AMP Validator, Light Base Colors theme, Breadcrumbs, Adsense Ready, etc.

8. DroidBuzz AMP blogger Template

 DroidBuzz AMP Blogger Template is created by Iwan Efendi. This is a fresh and latest AMP template. two-column design and has right-hand sidebars, top navigation panel, bright colors, simple. Furthermore, customization of this design is easy. It includes features like mobile friendly, high CTR, auto read with thumb, responsive dropdown menu etc.

9. Noname AMP blogger Template

 Noname AMP Blogger Templates is developer by BungFrangki. This template is also created and configured for SEO and mobile friendly. It includes features such as Auto resize thumbnail image, cross-browser compatibility, build with CSS3, responsive ad slot, SSL / HTTPS etc.

10. Betapress AMP blogger Template

 The Betpress AMP Blogger template is one of the best templates, as no Java script is used when creating this AMP Blogger template. It includes features like SEO friendly, drop-down menu, mobile friendly, fully responsive etc.

10 best AMP Blogger Templates SEO Friendly and Responsive AMP Themes 2020

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