Home Tech 10 Secret Tips For Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019

10 Secret Tips For Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019

10 Secret Tips For Youtube Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019
10 Secret Tips For Youtube Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019

10 Secret Tips For Adsense Approval 2019

10 Secret Tricks For Fast Adsense Approval 2019
10 Secret Tricks For Youtube blogger website Fast Adsense Approval 2019

Today, I will share some secret tips and tricks that will help you get Adsense approval fast. These days it is a difficult task to get an AdSense account approved, especially in Asian countries.

adsense fast approval trick 2019

10 Secret Tips For Youtube Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019
10 Secret Tips For Youtube Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019

I have seen many new advertisements complaining about’adsense application rejected’ issues. So, go through this article and it will definitely solve most of the problems in the approval process.

10 tips and secret tricks for the rapid approval of Adsense

1. Get a top-level domain for your website

This is one of the most important steps to get a quick approval. Get a top-level domain like .com, .org, .net for your website. If you are on Blogger, instead of using .blogspot.com, use top-level domains as suggested above.

2. Choose your niche

The niche is nothing but the topic that interests you. For example, my current website niche is “AdSense“, so all my posts will only cover adsense. After doing various experiments, I saw that the “technical blogs” are very rarely approved. Also, don’t choose niche blogs that review the latest mobile devices, gadgets, etc. Why? The answer is so simple! Because search engines like Google, Bing consider them as spam.

 So, the question arises: what will be the perfect niche for me then? Always keep in mind that the “unique” content is king. Google and other search engines love unique, original and informative content. So choose your niche wisely. Furthermore, it should add value to your readers.

According to John (best contributor to the AdSense forum) –

“If you really want to see yourself in the Adsense program, write something that doesn’t already exist. Before searching for a blog or website, look for Google in your niche. If it shows a lot of sites, it’s probably the right time to leave that niche.”

3. Continue writing new articles

Once you’ve selected a particular topic, it’s time to work it out more. Write more and more articles that will give value to your audience. Note: almost 90% of applications are not approved due to “insufficient content”. Ideally, websites with over 50 interesting posts are more likely to be approved. Don’t make your posts too short. At least try writing long articles worth over 600 words. Furthermore, embedding images in the post is a good habit. Warning: do not copy pasted images from other blogs as this may be a violation of copyright policies and the application may not be approved for this crazy practice.

4. Don’t buy traffic even from trusted sources

It is not written anywhere whether or not to use paid traffic. But in my opinion, organic traffic is the fastest way to get AdSense approval. Why? Because most of the time, the paid traffic audience is simply interested in the post we wrote. This leads to an increase in the bounce rate and significantly reduces the quality of your website.

5. Writing language

As much as possible, try to avoid the regional language. I saw many people whose application was rejected due to the use of local languages. We strongly recommend the use of proper English. Try to minimize grammatical errors.

6. Check your website speed and server errors

According to the recent Google algorithm update, websites with good upload speeds have higher priorities. Also, you should keep an eye on server errors, because if your site crashes during the review, Google may hit it on the first try.

7. Pay attention to outgoing connections

Very important! : Double-check or triple outbound links (or exit links). Do not include links on your blog that redirect to illegal / pirated sites.

8. Backlink strategy

Do not buy backlinks from any website. Continue to create new content and you will automatically receive high quality backlinks.

9. Design and layout of the website

Always follow this strategy: “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” Keep the design of your website clean and simple. Make sure you have a good navigation system. The most important thing: do not overload the sidebar with too many widgets. I’ve seen many novice bloggers put unnecessary widgets in the header and sidebar area.

10. Add necessary pages

Try to give your website a professional look. Add some necessary pages such as: “About Us“, “Privacy Statement“, “Disclaimer“, “Contact Us” etc.


In short, you should give the highest priority to creating unique and descriptive articles. Keep your visitors busy with good surfing. Give your blog a clean, simple but professional look and wait for secure AdSense approval!

10 Secret Tips For Youtube Blogger Website Adsense Approval 2019








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