A Review of Caliburn X Pod System

A Review of Caliburn X Pod System

Caliburn X is an excellent upgrade of Uwell's Caliburn series of pod systems in terms of power and functionality. Having a vape device that operates with more than one function and is portable simultaneously is a real deal for many vapers. It employs unique technologies that give it a competitive advantage in the market. Caliburn X pod system uses its innovative features to provide the vaper with an exceptionally magical vaping feeling. The caliburn tank is committed to ensuring perfect flavor distribution that translates to a satisfying vaping experience.

Main Parts of the Caliburn X Pod System

The Caliburn X must have its crucial parts in place to be functional. The kit has a sturdy structure of aluminum alloy that makes it durable and can resist damage from falls due to its quality build material. This article will give details of the main parts of the Caliburn X pod system.

1. Coils

Caliburn X corresponds with different coils from the Caliburn G devices series, including FeCrAI 0.8 and 1.0 Ohm Caliburn G coils and FeCrAI 1.2 Ohms Caliburn G2 coils. One must integrate two identical coils to achieve high power adjustability, providing an excellent vaping feeling. Whether the vaper gets a DTL or MTL vaping experience depends on the type of coils in the device

2. Screen

The device features a big screen on its body that helps display different device modes and information. The OLED screen displays vaping details like the voltage, the number of puffs, remaining battery charge, coil resistance, and power output. The screen feature of this pod kit makes it user-friendly and easy operation.

3. Battery

The battery of Uwell Caliburn X is inbuilt, rechargeable, and has a capacity of 850 Amperes. The battery can deliver a power output of 5 to 20 watts. The battery charges through a type-C USB port at a fast charging rate of 2A. The fast charging characteristic ensures convenience by saving on charging time.

4. E-liquid window

A vape device does not deliver its function if it doesn't have e-liquid. The device's ability to operate with different types of coils allows it to be suitable for salts, nicotine, and most e-liquids. The kit has an e-liquid window that allows easy refilling. The user can refill the pod with 3 ml of e-liquid of their choice.

5. Airflow control valve

Caliburn X airflow control valve allows regulating of air intake. The user can adjust the airflow as they vape using the adjustment valve in the kit's outer case. One does not need to detach the entire pod to control airflow.

6. Fire button

The pod kit also encompasses the intuitive firing mode detection characteristic. The firing functionality operates by pressing the fire button on the kit's body. The fire button helps activate and deactivate the vaping process.


Uwell passion for producing high-quality devices in the Caliburn series is outstanding. Caliburn X pod system is an excellent example of a high-performing vape device due to the accurate delivery of its function. The kit is available in lake green, ink blue, matte black, silver, and lilac purple shades.