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May 2019 monthly horoscope for all signs..


1 – AriesHealth: You may face severe medical issues at this time. During May 2019, there is probability of you meeting an accident and being injured. Drive carefully and accompany someone while going out. You may also suffer from some blood-related disease at this time. Be careful at the time of driving. There are fair chances of you hurting yourself while driving. Try to minimize your problems, instead of maximizing them, as these times may be tough on you. If you want to avoid any kind of medical issue, take care of your food intake. You may need to exercise regularly or engage in some form of physical activity. Refrain from eating outside at unhygienic places. Freshness and hygiene matter the most when it comes to food. You may even detoxify your body, so that you may not suffer from any blood-related ailment. You may even visit a doctor for medical checkup to prevent any problems in future.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Love relations in your life may remain favorable in this month, since Sun, along with Mercury, transits in Aries. There are, however, chances that your relations with your lover may affect due to excessive anger or agitation. Be humbler and try to work out your relationship with understanding. If you are in love with someone, you may get a chance to express your love towards him or her. In case, you wish to discuss your work with your lover, you may even do so. There is possibility that condition of your love relations may stay favorable at this time. Your married life may also become better this month. Due to better compatibility between husband and wife, your spouse may extend you more support at work and foreign trips. Situation in near future may even become favorable. You may feel stressed in the initial phase of May 2019. At first, you may have to bear each other’s argument but later, circumstances may favor you. You may, therefore, be advised to improve your compatibility with your partner.Advice: Worship Lord Hanuman to put an end to all your problems. Worship Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday. It may be better for you to chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkand. Doing so may lend you eternal peace. Donate red-coloured objects on Tuesday and help the poor and the needy. Lord Hanuman is depicted red and He gets impressed with such charity. Your luck may turn in your favor by impressing Lord Hanuman and supporting the needy. Your family life, love and marital life, financial life, and health may get better by practicing these remedies.General: There are greater chances of you achieving success at work this month, since you may be extremely happy at this time. You may succeed in tasks undertaken with confidence. It may prove fruitful for you to be decisive and being cognizant of what you do. You possess a brave and courageous personality. You are capable of undertaking any kind of task. You are a confident person and try to lend better direction to the tasks you undertake irrespective of your condition. You are a person who does not panic even in odd circumstances. Since Sun transits in Aries, you may earn huge success this month. You may succeed in what you do with prudence. Situations may be stressful with regard to wealth and moveable property. There is a possibility of you facing obstacles in earning and accumulating wealth. Such conditions may, however, prevail towards the first half of May 2019. Circumstances related to your wealth, moveable property, and relationship may get better towards the latter half of this month. If you are working, you may promote to a higher rank or designation. You may even avail new job offers. In case, you own a business, your business may even have better chances of growth. Your relations with your friends and siblings may also improve at this time. There is probability of you acquiring property or buying vehicle. This is the time when you may enjoy luxuries of life. If you are into politics, you may have to work harder to gain political success. You may end up spending more at this time but conditions to benefit monetarily may be normal. Your family situation may be favorable this month. Your parents and children may not affect. You may score higher in your love relations. Your enemies may be on your side. If there erupted any kind of dispute amongst your family members, you may be able to resolve it through discussion and understanding. You may even turn ill situations in your favor at this time. You may travel abroad towards the first half of May 2019. Your married life may go through a favorable phase at this time. Your marital life may become more blissful towards the latter half of this month. Your health may lend you stress at this time. Your foreign trip may be fruitful. You may even succeed in conducting your business abroad. Since Mars will transit in Gemini from May 7, 2019, there are possibilities of you going on a foreign trip. You may even attain big success in your business activities abroad. Your luck may normally favor you. Trust more on your actions than luck. If you do hard work, your luck may also become more favorable. You may succeed if you act according to time and situation. You may not have to rely more on your destiny, as your career may witness higher growth resulting in better financial gains. You may have to travel unnecessarily this month due to which you may encounter health-related problems. In fact, you may have wasteful expenditure too. 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, and 21 dates of this month may be stressful for you. You may be advised not to engage in any important affair at this time. You may also not make a significant decision during May 2019.Finance: Your financial situation may be favorable this month, since Saturn transits in Sagittarius. You may avail a better financial opportunity due to growth in your career. You may be able to earn more money from your business every now and then. Likewise, you may be in a better condition to gain monetary benefits. You may succeed in your efforts to gain financially, as your financial circumstances may remain favorable this month. If you wish to make any investment or plan to invest, you may do so according to time and situation. Making such investments may strengthen your financial condition in future. You possess an emotional personality. As soon as you get into a fit of anger, you get emotional. Since you are emotional by nature, pay proper attention to your monetary transactions. This is the time when you may suffer financial loss due to your being negligent and overemotional. It may be very important for you to be careful while transacting. If you try to organize your work, your financial condition may get better. Act according to time and situation. There is probability of improvement in your financial condition at this time. You may grow financially stronger.Family & Friends: Your family condition may be a bit stressful in this month. There may be an unnecessary discord in your family. This discord may affect equilibrium in the family. There may be disturbance at home due to lack of compatibility among family members. You may, therefore, have to shoulder the big responsibility of maintaining compatibility in the family and lending it the right direction. It is one of the biggest deeds to be responsible for love and harmony in your family. Try to make your close ones understand trivial problems at home. Take care to avoid any unnecessary argument at home. You may have to maintain lovelier relations with your close ones at this time. Doing so may be the need of the hour. Lovelier relations may not only help you better learn and understand things but make you more decisive. You may earn support in tasks undertaken with confidence. Additionally, your family may also grow better. There are chances of mental stress affecting you this month. Your confidence, therefore, pays off well at this time.Circumstances may become stressful and there may be mental unrest due to unnecessary dispute at home. Your family may get imbalanced. Your family may witness lack of growth this month that may affect your work too. You may succeed in resolving all your problems.2 – TaurusHealth: You may have to unnecessarily face some health issues. There are chances of you suffering from fever, cough, and cold due to some infection. Viral fever may grip you during this time. Try to stay away from infection. Take very good care of your diet. You must even avoid eating outside.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: There is a probability of your compatibility with your lover getting worse in the first half of May 2019. Thus, lovers may try to maintain lovelier relations in the first half of the month in order to see a brighter aspect in the other half. There may be unnecessary arguments between the two of you otherwise. There is a possibility of stress arising in your relationship. You may have to live separately from your lover. If you are in love with someone or wish to express your love towards him or her, you may do so in the latter half of the month. In case you want to discuss business with him or her or finish any task together, you may succeed in it. You may need to act according to the time and situation, so that the luck is in your favor. Conditions may not be so favorable for your marital life. Since Mars along with Dragon’s Head is transiting in Gemini at this time, your relation with your life partner may sour. Both of you may also have to live separately due to the arising tension between you two. Due to this, obstacles may arise during your trips to foreign countries regarding business. You may, therefore, try to be more compatible with your spouse. Better compatibility may be the sole solution to such problems. If you act with patience and prudence, your luck may favor you.Advice: Donate white-colored objects every Friday. Fasting and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi may also act as remedies. You can extend support at an old-age home and serve elderly people there. You may even donate sugar or rice in one-third quantity by wrapping it in a white cloth.General: You are a person who thinks less but does more. Since you believe more in actions, you may succeed in your job. Satisfaction at work may, however, be less. It is, therefore, crucial for you to think before taking an action. Think before you act in order to attain maximum satisfaction. Circumstances may favor you in the first half of May 2019. In the latter half of this month, however, there may be a lot of helter-skelter and stress. You may come across better opportunities to attain monetary gains. You may acquire profits in your business through hard work. Your career may go through a normal phase at this time and you may gain success according to your hard work and efforts. Your luck may, however, favor you. Your actions may bring more luck on your side. You may succeed well through your efforts and enthusiasm. If you have invested somewhere, then chances of you gaining sudden profits are higher. If you have any plan to visit abroad regarding business, you may succeed in going this month. There are higher chances of you travelling abroad in May 2019. Your married life may be stressful at this time. There may be a lack of support from your spouse. Beware of your enemies in the latter half of this month. Do not try to unnecessarily mess up with anybody, otherwise you may have to suffer loss. In case you have to accomplish a task, you may do so in the first half of May 2019. You may remain worried about your health in the latter half of this month. Your child may face stress in the first half of the month. There is a strong possibility of you buying a new house or vehicle in the latter half of May. If you are making efforts to buy a house or vehicle, you may succeed in it. If you are a politician and aiming for political success, you may attain success in the latter half of this month. Your grip on politics may get stronger. There is a possibility of you developing more contacts and becoming more people-friendly. If you are a student, you may avail better academic opportunities. If you are working, you may earn a higher rank in the company according to the time served. You may succeed in your efforts to earn a higher designation. In case you are into business, there are better chances of growth from business point of view. Circumstances related to wealth and immovable property may remain stressful. Your relations with your closed ones may unnecessarily become worse. It may, therefore, be better for you to remain cautious when trying to attain wealth and with regard to relationship with your near and dear ones. 4, 5, 13, 14, and 22 dates of May 2019 are unfavorable for you. You may participate in any auspicious activity on these dates.Finance: Your financial condition may get better this month. You may witness some highs and lows at this time. You may, however, do well in your business. Since Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, time may be beneficial for your financial situation. Venus is also transiting in Pisces at this time which will bring you wealth and worldly pleasures. In case you are planning to expand your business or start something new for financial gain, you may do so in the latter half of this month. Try to maintain a normal relation with your relatives with regard to monetary gains. You may even stay away from them when it comes to business. Their interference may not be fruitful for your business growth and profits. Maintaining a distance from your relatives may ensure normality of your financial situation. There is a probability of you attaining business profits. Your financial situation may, however, stay better if you work in an organized manner. Operating business in a disorganized manner may trigger financial losses. You may have to face loss with lack of growth in your business. Likewise, your financial situation may worsen. It may be beneficial for you to first strategize and then act. Refrain from investing more, if not required for growth and expansion of your business. Remain very careful while supervising monetary transactions. This is the time when you need to work with eyes and ears wide open.Family & Friends: Your relations with your parents may go south this month. There is a possibility of you incurring expenses due to your father’s and mother’s ill health. They may develop an unnecessary disease due to which your expenses may increase. Therefore, try to maintain a balanced approach towards them. time won’t be favourable for you during the first half of the month as relations between you and your parents can turn sour. but things can become normal in the latter half of the month. Your child may also become of stress for you at this time. You may be satisfied with your child’s education and their engagement in extracurricular activities. Your near and dear ones may oppose you. You may have to work harder in order to maintain lovelier relations with everybody close to you. Your luck may favor you because of your hard work and efforts. Conditions may become favorable. Try to be more compatible with your closed ones. It may be important for you to extend support to your family and act according to the situation prevailing at home. Likewise, your family life may not get affected. Remember the fact that better compatibility between your family members can lead to growth in family. Your near and dear ones may extend you more support at this time. You may, therefore, need to realize your responsibilities and try to maintain a balance in the family with full responsibility. Make an attempt to get rid of unnecessary problems. once you get rid of them, you may focus more on your life and hence, do well.3 -GeminiHealth: During this month, you may face problems due to joint pain or some type of injury. Some chronic disease might hit you again. In this month, you should also control your diet. Otherwise, you may develop some kind of new diseases.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: In this month, the slope directing your love affair might be at its peak. If you are in a warm relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are trying to give meaning to your relationship, then the same can turn to be successful. If you’re planning a vacation together or planning to go abroad for work, then remain prepared to hear good news during this month’s time. You can also share things with your boyfriend or girlfriend about any kind of work. You can also provide closure to any work with each other’s help. In this month, you can also get the opportunity to gift something or other to your boyfriend or girlfriend and also share some personal things with him/her to make your relationship a successful one. If you love someone and he/she isn’t aware about you and you’re making regular attempts to convey your heart’s feelings, then your intended is likely to reciprocate during this month. The chances of receiving support from the life partner are quite less during this month. Due to unnecessary disputes with your spouse, there is less likelihood of receiving cooperation from each other, which might also have a negative effect on your area of work and an overseas journey. You may also face social malignity. Therefore, first of all try to maintain a warm relationship with your spouse, which will enable you to stay in a favorable condition with everyone.Advice: On every Wednesday, you should donate green colored materials and also feed green fodder to cow. Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesh and also provide support and service to the poor people. Any support related to education or service related to sports can be rendered to the needy. You can get good benefits by observing the remedies mentioned.General: You are a wise and intelligent person. You are an individual who likes to work according to time and circumstances. You have the ability to scrutinize anything and everything. You also have a similar nature which comprises a tendency of doubting every possible thing or being that crosses your path. Therefore, you choose to believe yourself over others. You work as per this unique perspective, which creates chances for better success according to time. Mercury along with Sun is communicating in the Aries zodiac and will stay in the same place till the early days of this month. By then, you’re likely to achieve success via the works done with a remarkable amount of confidence. You might receive social honor and respect. After that, conditions in the latter part of the month are likely to be normal. You may attain monetary resources and real estate properties and your relations with close relatives are also expected to improve. You also have a good ability to make your decisions on your own. Therefore, you are an individual who performs your tasks in a thoroughly decisive manner. There is a brilliant opportunity of attaining a higher designation and respect during this month’s time. If you are a job holder, then you may be offered a good reputation and position. If you are into business, situations will work in your favour. In this particular field , your rivals may interfere or create tensions for you. However, by developing a bond of mutual coo-ordination with them, the conditions may turn back to normal and in your favour. The effort to obtain political gains can be successful. If you are facing an obstacle while completing your tasks and want political or any kind of support then the same would prove to be successful. The convenience of a house or vehicle might also be obtained. If you have made up your mind to purchase a car or a house etc. in this month, then you might receive your parents’ support in the same. Your work would get completed successfully. Conditions regarding progeny and contentment in terms of children would remain favorable. You might also be successful in the field of romance. An overseas travel can be good in this month. However, in the case of married life, situations might get worse as Saturn and Dragon’s tail are transiting in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which can prove to be very adverse for conjugal matters. If you have an elderly at home, then make sure to serve him/her well. You may get benefitted from them. The economic activities can be quite good. The efforts made by you during this month can become successful. Therefore, you can accomplish tasks given to you quite successfully. You have more logical strength within you. You are going to touch great heights in your profession. Situations will turn out to be in your favor during this month. Hence, you might get opportunities to achieve success in most of the situations. During this month, the dates viz: 6th,7th,15th,16th and 24th,25th might be stressful for you. Therefore, undertaking any important tasks on these days might not provide fruitful results. You should select an appropriate time to get things done. Avoiding these days can only be beneficial for you because on these days, you might have to deal with stressful situations and a lot of mental pressure.Finance: Economic conditions might fluctuate during this month. There can be an unnecessary dispute with someone regarding money. Therefore, you should be careful about the exchange of any kind of money. You should trust your own people. However, when it’s about the money matters, trusting someone over the top might turn out to be disadvantageous. Therefore, there is a need to remain careful about the economic situation in this month. Refrain yourself from sending money to an unknown person. If you want to do any work in terms of investment or want to try making an investment plan a success, then you may succeed during this month. If you are employed in a job and want to do some kind of business, then you might stumble upon such an opportunity during this month. If you are a business personal, then investing from a business perspective can be good for you. You can invest in the areas of your business, which would improve your conditions in terms of finances. You can also choose to do a long-term investment in the stock market, which will offer you an opportunity to reap an economic advantage. Due to favorable business activities, you’ll be able to achieve massive economic gains.Family & Friends: Family conditions may remain favorable in the first half of this month. You can provide a better direction to any kind of work by developing a bond of mutual harmony with the family members. You may also receive coo-operation from each other in the household activities. However, in the second half of the month, an internal dispute might arise over property related matters, which may worsen the situation of the entire family. So, you should show a better path to your family during this month. You should make every possible effort to restore the happiness and peace in the family because the development of the family, its respect and honor is achieved only with the combined support of all the family members. You may also get the cooperation of the family in your area of work. During this month, conjugal life is likely to remain under pressure. There can be a possibility of separation from each other due to unnecessary conflicts between husband and wife. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous harmony from the spouse, you should put in regular efforts to maintain a warm relationship with him/her. Otherwise, you might be surrounded by troubles, which may also affect your professional life.4 – cancerHealth: You may have to face some serious health-related problems during this month. Some trivial minor diseases might result in some major ones. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health beforehand. Naturally some kind of chronic medical condition may crop up.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: In this month, situations regarding love relations will remain thorny. Due to a bad mutual harmony between romantic partners, a dispute might arise. An effort to maintain a good relationship with each other can be fruitful. If possible, try to meet less during this month or try to avoid sharing any important things with your romantic partner. See to it so that the conditions related to your romantic relationship remain unchanged. For this, try to meet less frequently. If any kind of information is to be conveyed or if there is any work then you can meet and have a conversation. Otherwise, it is better to meet lesser number of times because Dragon’s Head and Mars are communicating in Gemini zodiac, which can introduce tensions in romantic relationships. In this month, conditions regarding married life are likely to remain normal. Support of your spouse in the family will be granted. Your wish to receive coo-operation from your life partner about some big expectations can disappoint you. Family life is likely to be normal. Therefore, your efforts will become successful. Try to maintain a good relationship with your life partner.Advice: In this month, worshipping Lord Shiva might be favourable for you. You can donate white colored goods on every Monday and also observe a fast and worship on the same day. It may be better to offer Dhoob and Belpatra to Lord Shiva.General: You are an individual who does every work with a lot of passion and hard work, and you always try to complete your work before time. Whenever you undertake a plan or make up your mind to execute a task, you never lag behind to put in the right kind of efforts to complete the respective task successfully. However, a state of confusion and unnecessary thoughts might create disruption in your work. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall prey to unnecessary thought process. Instead , you should make continuous efforts to complete the undertaken tasks successfully. Situations regarding money are likely to remain favorable. If you are trying to get some kind of monetary gains or you are trying to accumulate wealth, then all your efforts would turn to be successful. In this work, your relatives and relatives can also help and offer you the required support. You are an individual who prefers to trust oneself over the others. You trust a third person very less, which might cause problems in your plans of extending a business. Therefore, in addition to having a good thought process, undertaking good tasks would prove to be beneficial for you. In this month, you may have to face some or other kind of mental unrest and stressful situations. Due to the curation of some kind of domestic disputes and also due to remaining dissatisfied with parents, you may have to face certain type of mental problems. Every possible effort made for monetary gains is likely to be successful during this month. From the career perspective, situations are likely to remain hectic and full of stress. But, progress can be attained only under hectic and stressful situations. If you are a job holder, then you can get an increment, a higher position according to time. If you are into business, then, you can earn good profits in the mentioned domain. You can progress in an excellent manner because Jupiter is taking nest in Scorpio zodiac, which will bless you with good fortune. Your interest in religious activities will increase and you will receive phenomenal economic benefits. There is also a strong chance of receiving money suddenly. In this month, there is an opportunity of an abroad tour etc. and you may get benefited by taking an international trip. Conditions regarding your marital life and an existing romantic relationship might remain a bit stressful. However, in the second half of this month, there is a possibility of an improvement in your relation with your beloved. You may also receive the favour of your rivals. If there is any kind of domestic dispute or any other kind of legal dispute going on, then a mutual agreement can provide settlement to the ongoing dispute. Conditions related to children might remain stressful during the month of May 2019. If you are a student then you may lose focus as preparations are being made for a wide range of examinations. There is a possibility of receiving the ultimate convenience of home or vehicle etc. On the political front, you are likely to achieve tremendous amount of success. There will also be a clear improvement in public relations and your business can also help you to manage public relations in an impressive format. Conditions related to economic benefits may be favorable. In this month, the dates viz: 10th,11th,19th,20th and 29th,30th may prove to be quite stressful for you. Therefore, do not hold any type of important meetings on these days nor begin any kind of auspicious work on any of these days. It is better for you to not undertake any task on these particular dates in the month of May 2019.Finance: In this month, economic conditions are likely to remain prosperous because Venus is communicating in Pisces zodiac, which creates a chance for success of efforts that are being made for receiving economic benefits. If you’re planning about improving a work plan for economic benefit or are planning to expand an existing work plan, then the same would turn to be successful. If you’re employed in a job and in addition to a full-time job, you’re interested in pursuing a side-business, then you can go ahead in its pursual. You can also start a business with any of your close friends. If you are a businessman and have already made a plan to expand any work plans, then you can do this during the second half of this month. However,on the professional front, situations are likely to remain a bit stressful. Therefore, you should make your mind for an investment after analyzing the time and situation. Otherwise, you may have to suffer financial loss. Therefore, you should work with a lot of stability and seriousness, which will enable you to achieve success. Since you’re getting a chance to receive an economic advantage during this month, you should make every possible attempt to improve your area of work according to your instincts. Launching a new type of work can lead to a tense situation. Hence, working as per a planned strategy would prove to be beneficial for you.Family & Friends: Family conditions can be very good in this month. Everyone can be happy at home and there can be a happy atmosphere at home. People will remain busy and occupied in all ways. Your mutual harmony can be better with everyone in the family and you’ll receive the support of the family in necessary matters. You may enjoy a healthy and good relationship with your parents, siblings and at workplace, you may receive coo-operation from each other according to the time. In the second half of this month, some kind of auspicious function may get completed or any kind of auspicious opportunity might become available in the house. There will be opportunities for development in terms of home, household and marriage. Also, the balance of the house is likely to get better. Relationships with parents and support from parents can be expected. Situations related to children won’t remain normal. There might be worrisome situations related to children’s contentment, education etc. However, any attempt to find solutions to these problems would be successful and by putting in efforts, the situation can be made favorable. Support from home and family is quite important for you.5 – LeoHealth: In this month, you may have to face the problems of fever, cold and cough, any kind of infection, or viral fever etc. Therefore, you need to pay attention towards your health. You may have to suffer from the problem of blood pressure etc. Since you are likely to fall prey to a wide array of minor as well as major diseases, it is recommended to stay extra cautious when it comes to maintaining a brilliant health. Irrespective of the age group that you belong to, it is absolutely essential to visit your doctor for regular health check-ups.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Conditions regarding love relations are likely to remain favorable during this month. Due to lack of mutual trust among the romantic partners, the mutual harmony with one another might get worse, which can put an adverse effect on things that are about to get completed. Therefore, any kind of attempt to improve your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend would render you a better direction. Saturn along with Dragon’s Tail is communicating in Sagittarius zodiac, which is making the conditions unfavorable in connection to the romantic relationships. Thereby, mutual harmony with the boyfriend or girlfriend can get worse. There may be a likelihood of being separated from each other. Therefore, it may be better to maintain a pleasant relationship with each other in such an environment. If you are planning for a vacation or a plain get-together, then you can try later in the month, which will improve the mutual harmony between the two of you. In this month, conditions regarding marital life might be stressful. You will receive less support from your spouse, but by making efforts, the conditions can turn to be favorable. Since the support of your spouse is quite important for your life, you’ll also receive support from your in-laws. You can also receive a good direction in your areas of work.Advice: Offer water to the Sun on a regular basis. It is important for you to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra and also to donate red colored materials every Sunday. You should also try to do meditation and Yoga. This would also provide nourishment to your health.General: You are a reliable person. It is important for you to do any task with a good amount of confidence. You are an individual who does any kind of work with full responsibility. You are quite friendly. You do every work by considering it as your own work. Whether you’re employed in a job or engaged in your private business; you execute the tasks with a whole lot of enthusiasm and excitement. This is your attitude. Being a Leo, you are bound to be strong-headed, but when it comes to maintaining healthy relations with the family members, you should refrain from showcasing your ego, or else you may lose the incredible bond of love and concern with your near and dear ones. You are an ambitious person. You always long for a higher position and reputation. You try every possible measure for that and manage to achieve it with time. Similarly, in this month, you’ll achieve success in works undertaken with courage and bravery. Whichever work you do with passion and hard work, you’ll achieve success in the same. In addition to social honor and respect, you’ll also receive all kinds of materialistic amenities. Conditions regarding money and real estate acquisition are also expected to remain favorable. If you are trying to attain some kind of real estate, then you may receive support in the same. Relations with your kin will remain strong. The comfort of a house, vehicle etc. is also found to be good for you during this month. If you are trying to attain a house, vehicle etc. then you can achieve success in the same. If you want to excel in the field of politics, then you may get an opportunity for the same during this month. You may get in touch with the officials of your level and your expertise in the administrative area can also get strengthened, which will allow you to embrace new opportunities for achieving political gains. Your relationship with your parents will remain healthy. Conditions regarding children might remain a bit stressful. You may have problems regarding progeny, children’s happiness, support from children etc. Situations regarding romantic relationships might also remain stressful. Enemies will remain in a normal condition. Therefore, if there is any kind of ongoing dispute, then you can make efforts to resolve the same. There may be good opportunities for an overseas travel and conditions regarding marital life are also likely to remain favorable. In addition to a warm relationship between spouses, a sense of cooperation in the areas of work might also be generated. In this month, fate might work in your favor. Whichever work you’re doing, there are strong chances of achieving success in the same. If you are doing any job and want to do business, then you might get an opportunity for pursuing the same. Economic situations are likely to remain favorable during this month. You may face troubles due to unnecessary tours. So, try to avoid them. In this month, the dates viz: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th and 20th, 21st might create tension for you. Therefore, take care of yourself on these days and it is important to trust yourself. Try to avoid starting any important tasks on these days.Finance: Economic conditions are likely to be favorable in this month. There are chances that the plans made for receiving economic gains would become successful. You may have to face certain stressful situations. You might have to witness several ups and downs but putting in dedicated efforts would allow you to achieve success. Whatever work you are doing, there may be disruptions in the same. Therefore, do not think of making any kind of long term investment in this month or do not undertake any efforts to expand your business in order to provide flourishment to your economic condition. You are also likely to receive sudden economic prospects during this month. If you have already made investments in the past, then its returns would be received in this month. Whatever work you do with confidence, you can get financial benefits from the same. It may be better for you to work in accordance with time and circumstances. Do not perform any task in haste or anger. Otherwise you may have to suffer loss. Especially, from the perspective of finances, problems may crop up. Therefore, you should try to do any work steadily and seriously, which would ensure a better financial condition. You can improve your life from the perspective of work and business.Family & Friends: In this month, the relationship with the parents might get better and you may also receive parental support. However, due to generation of occasional stress, uncomfortable situations might arise in the family. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to maintain a warm relationship with your parents and the other members of your family. From the perspective of economic welfare, maintaining mutual harmony with the family members would be quite helpful and you will become a respected member of the family. You may receive respect and honor from the family members. However, do not try to avoid your responsibilities towards the family. Try to fulfill your responsibilities to the fullest. You can be successful in fulfilling them and by doing so, you will strengthen the situation of your family. It is your responsibility to keep pace with the family members. Just try to fulfill your duties, only then the conditions regarding your children , opponents and supporters etc. would remain favorable. Your relation with spouse will also get better. The blessings and support of your parents will prove to be tremendously beneficial for you and your overall advancement. Therefore, make an attempt to maintain a cordial relation with everyone in the family along with respecting your parents.6 – virgoHealth: There may be a possibility of you suffering from stomach-related disorders this month. There may also be a possibility of some injury. You may have to suffer from joints pain etc. Therefore, you should be very careful about your health.Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: There will be mixed results in matters related to love and relationships. Occasionally, some or the other kind of problem might crop up, which may cause mutual differences with the boyfriend or girlfriend. Every possible effort made to maintain a warm relationship with the partner can prove to be rewarding. If you love your boyfriend or girlfriend very dearly, then you can also get an opportunity to express your feelings. However, refrain from doing anything in haste. If you want to share some important things, then you should wait for the right moment. Do not create an atmosphere which might make the mutual compatibility between the two of you worse. If you have already planned for a vacation, then you should abort it right away. Try to maintain a casual attitude towards each other. Do not try to come very close to each other; otherwise, you may have to face loss. To improve the conditions that are already favourable concerning your romantic relationship, it is necessary to meet fewer times. In this month, the situation regarding marital life is expected to remain, and you’ll receive immense support from your life partner. Also, there is a possibility of enjoying great relations with the in-laws.Advice: You can choose to donate materials related to sports. You can also give education-related articles to the needy students and green coloured articles. It might be good for you to offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha.General: Your confidence might stoop down during this month’s time. Any work that you try to do may face disruptions. There may be physical and mental problems. In addition to the thinking ability, the ability to make decisions might also get affected because Mercury along with the Sun is communicating in Aries zodiac, which can have an impact on your professional life which demands a considerable amount of confidence on your part. In matters of real estate acquisition, this month would be quite progressive. Undertaking any work after a lot of thinking and analysis would turn to be successful. You may maintain good relations with your relatives and conditions from the perspective of economic gains would be favorable. If you are employed in a job, then you might attain a higher position during the second half of this month. The chances of achieving success in works done using courage and strength are less. You may get a good opportunity to purchase a house, vehicle etc. in this month. There is a possibility of achieving success in the political arena. If you are a politician then you can get opportunities to obtain political gains. You can have good relations with your top officials. You will also receive impressive assistance in the areas of work. You can enjoy a good relationship with your parents. Situations will remain in the favour of your child. You may also achieve success in the case of a love affair. Your enemies may remain the reason of your concern during this time. He/she may try to create disruption in all your activities. Therefore, try to be wary of enemies. It is better to maintain a distance from a dispute rather than becoming a part of it. There is a strong chance of an overseas travel. If you want to travel abroad for work or for a casual vacation, then the tour would be successful. In this month, conditions pertaining to marital life will remain favorable. Mutual harmony with the husband and wife is likely to get better. You might witness a sudden progress in your area of work during this month. Destiny will accompany you. Whichever work you choose to do, there is a chance of achieving success in the same. If you are employed in a job, then your luck will favor you for career growth. If you are into business, then there may be fluctuations pertaining to it. However, there will be progress in business during the second half of this month. Economic conditions may remain favorable. Unnecessary travel might cause some kind of problems. You may have to suffer from physical and financial problems. Therefore, it may be better for you to do any work wisely. In this month, the dates viz: 4th,5th,13th , 14th and 22nd, 23rd are not suitable for you. You should abstain yourself from undertaking any important work on these days and also refrain from starting any auspicious task on these days. The month of May 2019 is expected to be full of professional commitments. In addition to this, you can always enjoy the benefits of remaining away from the pitfalls associated with family disputes and arguments. There may be a dissimilar likelihood that your responsibility of obeying the commands of the elders would be above everything else. For absolute family welfare, you should refrain from talking ill about others or even your own family members. There might be certain situations wherein you may feel left out but it is solely your family’s support, love and care that would enable you to combat all kinds of hindrances.Finance: Economic conditions are likely to remain normal in this month because Mercury along with Sun is transiting in Aries, which can cause a rise in stressful situations regarding your career. Due to constant fluctuations in business, economic gains are likely to fall. Therefore, preparing a proper framework and gathering sufficient information would prove to be beneficial before completing a task. If you are making up your mind for any investment in this month, then you should wait because investing might increase your financial problems. If you are employed and want to pursue a side business this month, then you should wait for some time. Currently, indulging in any business might be disadvantageous for you. It is better to work according to the time and situation. All in all, your economic condition is likely to improve throughout the month of May 2019. Whichever business project you intend to initiate can be worked upon during this month, and all kinds of efforts put into making things work can succeed.Family & Friends: Family situations might remain stressful in this month. Apart from deteriorating relations with your kin, disharmony within the family members might lead to stressful situations. Due to some unnecessary debates, there might be a tensed atmosphere at home. An imbalance in the family might compel you to face several problems. In addition to domestic life, there might be a negative effect on the professional life as well. Relationship with parents might also get worse, and there are also fewer chances of receiving support from them. There might be a stressful situation regarding the health of your parents. Therefore, on the familial front, things would remain under the weather. Hence, make every possible effort to maintain the persistent mutual harmony intact in the family. The thought of working properly with everyone and the thought of working together with everyone in the family would help you in achieving a tremendous amount of success. You might remain happy with your children. In the same way, maintaining a better relationship with family members can easily illuminate your home’s environment and lead to the overall welfare of the family. There may be equal participation of family members in all auspicious works. This is indeed a fantastic month, and throughout the month, there are excellent prospects of having a brilliant relationship with the family members. Those hitched amongst you might get a considerable match, and those of you who are married are expected to receive a tremendous amount of love and support from their respective spouses. Youngsters also might remain good-natured and perform brilliantly in their examinations. Furthermore, teenagers would get inclined towards some or the other kind of extra-curricular exercises. This would make the entire family happy, and there would be happiness everywhere. On the other hand, the elderly people within the family are likely to get a bit disturbed due to the causal arguments among the family members. If you want the overall welfare and development of the family, then you must put in every possible effort to perform all your domestic duties responsibly.May 2019 monthly horoscope for all signs..

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