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Monthly Horoscope for Moon Sign : Aries (May 2019)


Monthly Horoscope for Moon Sign : Aries (May 2019)

Health: You may face severe medical issues at this time. During May 2019, there is probability of you meeting an accident and being injured. Drive carefully and accompany someone while going out. You may also suffer from some blood-related disease at this time. Be careful at the time of driving. There are fair chances of you hurting yourself while driving. Try to minimize your problems, instead of maximizing them, as these times may be tough on you. If you want to avoid any kind of medical issue, take care of your food intake. You may need to exercise regularly or engage in some form of physical activity. Refrain from eating outside at unhygienic places. Freshness and hygiene matter the most when it comes to food. You may even detoxify your body, so that you may not suffer from any blood-related ailment. You may even visit a doctor for medical checkup to prevent any problems in future.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Love relations in your life may remain favorable in this month, since Sun, along with Mercury, transits in Aries. There are, however, chances that your relations with your lover may affect due to excessive anger or agitation. Be humbler and try to work out your relationship with understanding. If you are in love with someone, you may get a chance to express your love towards him or her. In case, you wish to discuss your work with your lover, you may even do so. There is possibility that condition of your love relations may stay favorable at this time. Your married life may also become better this month. Due to better compatibility between husband and wife, your spouse may extend you more support at work and foreign trips. Situation in near future may even become favorable. You may feel stressed in the initial phase of May 2019. At first, you may have to bear each other’s argument but later, circumstances may favor you. You may, therefore, be advised to improve your compatibility with your partner.

Advice: Worship Lord Hanuman to put an end to all your problems. Worship Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday. It may be better for you to chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkand. Doing so may lend you eternal peace. Donate red-coloured objects on Tuesday and help the poor and the needy. Lord Hanuman is depicted red and He gets impressed with such charity. Your luck may turn in your favor by impressing Lord Hanuman and supporting the needy. Your family life, love and marital life, financial life, and health may get better by practicing these remedies.

General: There are greater chances of you achieving success at work this month, since you may be extremely happy at this time. You may succeed in tasks undertaken with confidence. It may prove fruitful for you to be decisive and being cognizant of what you do. You possess a brave and courageous personality. You are capable of undertaking any kind of task. You are a confident person and try to lend better direction to the tasks you undertake irrespective of your condition. You are a person who does not panic even in odd circumstances. Since Sun transits in Aries, you may earn huge success this month. You may succeed in what you do with prudence. Situations may be stressful with regard to wealth and moveable property. There is a possibility of you facing obstacles in earning and accumulating wealth. Such conditions may, however, prevail towards the first half of May 2019. Circumstances related to your wealth, moveable property, and relationship may get better towards the latter half of this month. If you are working, you may promote to a higher rank or designation. You may even avail new job offers. In case, you own a business, your business may even have better chances of growth. Your relations with your friends and siblings may also improve at this time. There is probability of you acquiring property or buying vehicle. This is the time when you may enjoy luxuries of life. If you are into politics, you may have to work harder to gain political success. You may end up spending more at this time but conditions to benefit monetarily may be normal. Your family situation may be favorable this month. Your parents and children may not affect. You may score higher in your love relations. Your enemies may be on your side. If there erupted any kind of dispute amongst your family members, you may be able to resolve it through discussion and understanding. You may even turn ill situations in your favor at this time. You may travel abroad towards the first half of May 2019. Your married life may go through a favorable phase at this time. Your marital life may become more blissful towards the latter half of this month. Your health may lend you stress at this time. Your foreign trip may be fruitful. You may even succeed in conducting your business abroad. Since Mars will transit in Gemini from May 7, 2019, there are possibilities of you going on a foreign trip. You may even attain big success in your business activities abroad. Your luck may normally favor you. Trust more on your actions than luck. If you do hard work, your luck may also become more favorable. You may succeed if you act according to time and situation. You may not have to rely more on your destiny, as your career may witness higher growth resulting in better financial gains. You may have to travel unnecessarily this month due to which you may encounter health-related problems. In fact, you may have wasteful expenditure too. 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, and 21 dates of this month may be stressful for you. You may be advised not to engage in any important affair at this time. You may also not make a significant decision during May 2019.

Finance: Your financial situation may be favorable this month, since Saturn transits in Sagittarius. You may avail a better financial opportunity due to growth in your career. You may be able to earn more money from your business every now and then. Likewise, you may be in a better condition to gain monetary benefits. You may succeed in your efforts to gain financially, as your financial circumstances may remain favorable this month. If you wish to make any investment or plan to invest, you may do so according to time and situation. Making such investments may strengthen your financial condition in future. You possess an emotional personality. As soon as you get into a fit of anger, you get emotional. Since you are emotional by nature, pay proper attention to your monetary transactions. This is the time when you may suffer financial loss due to your being negligent and overemotional. It may be very important for you to be careful while transacting. If you try to organize your work, your financial condition may get better. Act according to time and situation. There is probability of improvement in your financial condition at this time. You may grow financially stronger.

Family & Friends: Your family condition may be a bit stressful in this month. There may be an unnecessary discord in your family. This discord may affect equilibrium in the family. There may be disturbance at home due to lack of compatibility among family members. You may, therefore, have to shoulder the big responsibility of maintaining compatibility in the family and lending it the right direction. It is one of the biggest deeds to be responsible for love and harmony in your family. Try to make your close ones understand trivial problems at home. Take care to avoid any unnecessary argument at home. You may have to maintain lovelier relations with your close ones at this time. Doing so may be the need of the hour. Lovelier relations may not only help you better learn and understand things but make you more decisive. You may earn support in tasks undertaken with confidence. Additionally, your family may also grow better. There are chances of mental stress affecting you this month. Your confidence, therefore, pays off well at this time.Circumstances may become stressful and there may be mental unrest due to unnecessary dispute at home. Your family may get imbalanced. Your family may witness lack of growth this month that may affect your work too. You may succeed in resolving all your problems.

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