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pubg mobile new update | pubg mobile season 8 update


PUBG Mobile: Season 8 Coming Soon as Update 0.13.5

PUBG Mobile season 7 has come to an end and, as usual, Tencent is quick to usher in the new season for its fans. A new update (0.13.5) has started rolling out for PUBG Mobile which is 181MB for iOS devices and 158MB for Android devices. This means that season 8 is just around the corner and should begin in a day or two.

We have already seen early leaks of the upcoming season which will have an all-new ‘Power of the Ocean’ theme and a bunch of new costumes, skins and a brand new gun.


1. iOS background download and update feature has been added. While downloading a new patch, iOS players can now send the application to the background like Android users. (iOS shop will not be updated to reflect this).

​2. New Weapon: PP-19

The game’s fifth sub machine gun, using 9mm ammunition, drops on the Erangel and Vikendi map. It has an over sized magazine of 53 rounds, but it does not support magazine upgrades, so the capacity cannot be increased through attachments.

The weapon can be equipped with scopes and muzzle attachments and can be equipped with all scopes from the red dot sight and the holographic sight to the 6x scope, as well as all muzzle accessories available far sub machine guns.

Are you ready for the next season of PUBG Mobile? The new update is rolling out and season 8 should begin very soon.

Tencent has also introduced a new HDR option that would render the game with better colours and a higher contrast ratio. To use this feature, players can go to Settings > Graphics and select HDR. The new mode is suitable for phone sporting high-end performance specs.

Even the UI in Season 8 is about to get an overhaul. The season interface has been redesigned to make it look more intuitive. The Classic mode results screen has been adjusted wherein the Ratings and Tier changes can be more visible to the screen.

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