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What is Youtube Monetization? How To Monetization Your Youtube Channel and videos

how to monetize youtube videos: how to monetize youtube channel on mobile

become a means of earning money in today’s time . Many people are also making money through Youtube. Friends, today’s post we have brought for those who want to earn money by monetizing their Youtube video. In this post, you will be given full information on Youtube Video Ko Monetize Kaise Kare 

Every kind of video is uploaded on Youtube, even if you have any kind of information you can get through Youtube. On Youtube you can also earn money by uploading the video but for that, you have to turn on Youtube Monetization.

So let us know now Youtube Video Monetization Kaise Kare by which you can earn money by showing Ads in your channel .

Why is Youtube Monetization

Youtube can show Ads in Youtube Videos through Monetization . For this, Monetization has to be enabled on Youtube, but there are certain rules to enable

Monetization , you can enable Youtube Monetization only after completing these Rules .

When Is Youtube Monetization ?

Some Youtubers start activating Monetization shortly after you create Youtube Channel . There are no money coming from when you get a few on Monetization. So unless your 1000 or 2000 Views gets started every day, Youtube will not do Monetization . Your Channel must have Minimum 1000 Subscriber and 10-20 Videos should be in your Channel.

Youtube Monetization New Rules

Youtube has enacted a few new rules under which you must follow Youtube Monetization Policy to monetize Youtube Video . So you know what Youtube has created the new Youtube Monetization Rules .

  • You must have 1000 Subscribers within 12 months on your Youtube Channel.
  • The video you are uploading should be from Youtube Category. If not do so, Youtube Monetization for your channel will be disabled.
  • Youtube Monetization Review Time should be 4,000 Hours on your Channel .
  • You can not upload someone else’s video to your channel, which is already uploaded to Youtube.

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