Why Are Amiri Jeans So Expensive?

Why Are Amiri Jeans So Expensive?

If you live a fashionable life, you must keep up with notable fashion icons. One of the things you might have met scrolling through fashion pages is the amiri jeans. While its features are stunning, the price point is something to write home about. In case you are wondering why the Amiri jeans are so expensive, here are some of the reasons why.

1.      A famous designer makes Amiri jeans

Even though Mike Amiri has only been in the industry for a short while, he has dressed many notable celebrities. In the fashion world, once you dress A-list celebrities, the price of your items changes. It is, therefore, no surprise that Amiri currently has some of the expensive products in the market.

2.      Amiri jeans pay attention to detail

The other thing you will realize with Amiri jeans is their attention to detail. Whether it is the placement of zippers or a design on their clothes, everything is top-notch. You will not get such detail on many of the clothes in the market. It is very easy to spot an Amiri product based on its detailing. Having such a noticeable brand makes it easy to understand the price point.

3.      Amiri is a great take on luxury streetwear

Many people assume that streetwear is not classy, but Amiri proved that wrong. He has created various pieces that show just how classy streetwear can be. Thanks to him, most people can view streetwear as a luxury brand. With luxury comes higher prices, which explains why he has high prices.

4.      The brand has different fabrics

Amiri works with a lot of experimentation. There are jeans mixed with leather and whatnot. All these go to show you how much work goes into ensuring that the piece you get is up to standard. Many people hardly think about the thought process before the clothes get to you. If you put that in mind, you will appreciate the finished pieces and pay full price for them.

5.      Made from quality fabrics

The other thing that makes Amiri so costly is it is made from quality fabric. The work goes into ensuring that you get a piece built to last. There will often be months of research done on the fabric to ensure it is of a certain standard. Knowing about this makes the price point make better sense than if you had no idea how the fabric is sourced.

6.      Skilled designers make Amiri jeans

While most clothing lines use sweatshops with underpaid workers, Amiri uses top designers. These designers all have a certain fee for their work, and they need to get paid. As such, the final price makes sense.

Last words

Amiri is revolutionary in the fashion world and has impacted how people view streetwear. Knowing about this makes you appreciate his pieces and the skill that makes them for the market.